Next Coup de Quoros

The next coup of the Los Quoros is already in progress, and it will happen soon enough. In Germany.

The German Chancellor is going down, bitches! This is her last term. With the upcoming elections in 2021, we will establish a puppet government of the Los Quoros in Germany. To that end, we have been pulling some strings backstage in the CDU and SPD lately.

With Trump in the USA and Johnson in the United Kingdom, we have already succeeded in destabilizing the West while the Russo-Turkish relations played right into our hands as well. With Germany right in the heart of Europe in our grasp, the Divida et Impera policy of Los Quoros will finally start showing its fruits.

Our main goal for now is to decrease the European trust in the US, UK and Turkey, thus pushing NATO into the background and causing the establishment of European forces instead. The impeachment process in the USA could become an unfortunate stumbling block on our path, yet we will keep pushing forward our conspiracies. To this end, we are also looking forward to further aid from the Kremlin as our interests seem to align for now.

Somos Los Quoros, somos comos coros dos toros!

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