National Days Decree


This National Days Decree shall be an an Imperial Decree as outlined in Art. 19.0 of the Imperial Constitution of the Terroristic Empire of Los Quoros, with the aim of setting national days.

By virtue of this fact the Head of Quoros, represented by The Emperor, has signed and promulgated this Imperial Act.

Art. 0 | National Days

(0) National days shall be preset days to commemorate an event of national or international relevance. Any days defined below shall be national days, such that any person is freed of school and work duties during that day.

(1) Institutions providing services necessary for the healthy functioning of the public order and safety shall be exempt from this insofar that their workings are not obstructed due to missing personnel and members.

Art. 1 | National Constitution Day

This day shall remember and celebrate the textualization and publication of the Imperial Constitution on 20th February, 2020. Thus, the 20th February of each year shall be declared the National Constitution Day.

Art. 2 | Imperial Declaration Day

This day shall remember and celebrate the declaration of The Empire on 1st April, 2020. Thus, the 1st April of each year shall be declared the Imperial Declaration Day.

Art. 3 | No Nut November Welcoming Day

This day shall commemorate the No Nut November by welcoming it each year the 1st of November.

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