Imperial Symbols Act


This Constitutional Court Act shall be an an Imperial Act as outlined in Art. 14.3 of the Imperial Constitution of the Terroristic Empire of Los Quoros in order to set imperial symbols.

By virtue of this fact the Head of Quoros, represented by The Emperor, has signed and promulgated this Imperial Act.

Art. 0 | Imperial Symbols

Imperial symbols are symbols and flags of imperial relevance. They are defined herein and shall not be abused or defaced.

Art. 1 | National Colors

The national colors of The Empire shall be yellow and orange, with the addition of red.

Art. 2 | Imperial Flag

The imperial flag shall look as in follows

Art. 3 | Imperial War Flag

The imperial war flag shall look as in follows

Art. 4 | Imperial Institutions

(0) The flag of the Assembly of Los Quoros shall look as in follows

(1) The flag of the Head of Quoros shall look as follows

Art. 5 | Imperial House

(0) The flag of the Imperial House shall look as follows

(1) Independently, any emperor may have an own crest or coat of arms equally protected as the flag of the Imperial House. The Emperor may declare it freely.

Art. 6 | Military Badges

(0) Military badges serve the intention to identify units. Herein, the badges of the Imperial Armed Forces and Imperial Royal Guards shall be defined.

(1) The badge of the Imperial Armed Forces shall look as follows

(2) The badge of the Imperial Royal Guards shall look as follows

Art. 7 | Honorary Badges

(0) The Badge of Honor shall look as follows

(1) The Golden Badge of Honor shall look as follows

(2) These badges shall only be given by the Assembly of Los Quoros, or Head of Quoros. Details shall be regulated by imperial legislation.

Art. 8 | Imperial Anthem

The Imperial Anthem shall have the same protection as imperial symbols, and reads as follow

O God of creation
Direct our noble cause
Guide our leaders right.

Los Quoros, from henceforth your sons are united
With one brotherly spirit sharing the hope of seeing you
Enjoy abundance and happiness forever.

In brotherhood, without separation,
Freedom Sing!

Arise, Quorans,
United by fate,
United in the struggle for sovereignty,
Let us hold up our heads, so long bowed,
And now, for good, let us keep moving boldly ahead, in peace.

Where injustice has lost its place forever,
And where from the hands of builders of a glorious world
Everywhere the harvests of conditionless love ripen and suns of boundless joy shine.

This Holy gift of Glory we have deserved
Tyrants: Tremble !

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