Imperial Penal Code


This Imperial Penal Code shall be an an Imperial Law and the penal code of The Empire. This Imperial Law constitutes the penal law within The Empire and provides the necessary details to the provisions within the Code of Criminal Procedure.

By virtue of this fact the Head of Quoros, represented by The Emperor, has signed and promulgated this Imperial Law.

Art. 0 | Legal Basis

(0) The Imperial Penal Code shall be subsequent to the Code of Criminal Procedure, which shall be the measure if the provisions herein conflict it.

(1) If no provisions to the matter is provided herein, the German Criminal Code shall be the measure, other than where it conflicts this Imperial Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure, Imperial Acts or the Imperial Constitution.

(2) If a conflict is present, the higher order legislation shall be the measure for the conflicting content to be judged upon.

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