Assembly Act


This Assembly Act shall be an an Imperial Act as outlined in Art. 14.3 of the Imperial Constitution of the Terroristic Empire of Los Quoros in order to implement the workings of the Assembly of Los Quoros (ALQ) and guarantee the constitutional order.

By virtue of this fact the Head of Quoros, represented by The Emperor, has signed and promulgated this Imperial Act.

Art. 0 | Elections

(0) All Quorans shall be able to participate in the elections.

(1) Elected Members of the ALQ shall be elected in general, direct, free, equal and secret elections. They shall be representatives of the whole people, not bound by orders or instructions and responsible only to their conscience.

(2) Any person who has attained the age of sixteen shall be entitled to vote; any person who has attained the age of majority may be elected.

(3) Candidating to elections shall be possible for any Quoran as per Art. 0.2 of this Imperial Act, as well as for political parties.

Art. 1 | Seat Distribution

(0) The fixed seats of ALQ are distributed pursuant to Art. 21.1 and 21.2 of the Imperial Constitution.

(1) The elected seats of ALQ are distributed through elections as per Art. 21.3 of the Imperial Constitution.

(2) An electoral threshold of %5 shall apply.

(3) Any candidating natural person that has passed the electoral threshold within a region that is a domain provided according Art. 19.2 of the Imperial Constitution shall receive a seat.

(4) In case of the count of natural persons passing the electoral threshold exceeds the number of available seats, the electoral threshold shall be raised by %10, until the count passing the electoral threshold is at most as much as the count of available seats.

(5) The remaining seats shall be distributed proportionally among parties that have passed the electoral threshold. The parties shall decide which of their members receive their seats.

Art. 2 | Oath of Office

On assuming his office, the Members of ALQ shall take the following oath before the assembled Members of the Bundestag and the Head of Quoros:

“I swear that I will dedicate my efforts to the well-being of the Quoran people, promote their welfare, protect them from harm, uphold and defend the Imperial Constitution, perform my duties conscientiously and do justice to all.”

The oath shall be taken without religious affirmation.

Art. 3 | Electoral Term and Convening

(0) Save the following provisions, the ALQ shall be elected for five years. Its term shall end when a new ALQ convenes. New elections shall be held no sooner than fifty-two months and no later than sixty months after the electoral term begins. If the ALQ is dissolved, new elections shall be held within sixty days.

(1) The ALQ shall convene no later than the thirtieth day after the elections.

(2) The ALQ shall determine when its sessions shall be adjourned and resumed. The President of the ALQ may convene it at an earlier date. He shall be obliged to do so if one third of the Members, The Emperor or the Head of Quoros so demand.

Art. 4 | Presidency

(0) The ALQ shall elect its President, Vice-Presidents and secretaries. It shall adopt rules of procedure.

(1) The President shall exercise proprietary and police powers in the ALQ building. No search or seizure may take place on the premises of the ALQ without his permission.

Art. 5 | Scrutiny of elections

(0) Scrutiny of elections shall be the responsibility of the ALQ. It shall also decide whether an elected Member has lost his seat.

(1) Complaints against such decisions of the ALQ may be lodged with the Imperial Constitutional Court.

(2) Details may be regulated by an imperial law.

Art. 6 | Sittings and Decisions

(0) Sittings of the ALQ shall be public. On the motion of one tenth of its Members, or on the motion of the Head of Quoros, a decision to exclude the public may be taken by a two-thirds majority. The motion shall be voted upon at a sitting not open to the public.

(1) Decisions of the ALQ shall require a majority of the votes cast unless the Imperial Constitution otherwise provides. The rules of procedure may permit exceptions with respect to elections to be conducted by the ALQ.

(2) Truthful reports of public sittings of the ALQ and of its committees shall not give rise to any liability.

Art. 7 | Rights of the ALQ, Head of Quoros and Members Thereof

(0) The ALQ and its committees may require the presence of any member of the Head of Quoros.

(1) The Members of ALQ and of the Head of Quoros as well as their representatives may attend all sittings of the Head of Quoros and meetings of its committees. They shall have the right to be heard at any time.

(2) Regardless of this, no members of the Head of Quoros apart from the fixed Members of ALQ shall participate on votes.

(3) Members of ALQ may freely form parliamentary groups on the basis of shared ideas.

Art. 8 | Committees of Inquiry

(0) The ALQ shall have the right, and on the motion of one quarter of its Members the duty, to establish a committee of inquiry, which shall take the requisite evidence at public hearings. The public may be excluded.

% (1) The rules of criminal procedure shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to the taking of evidence. The privacy of correspondence, posts and telecommunications shall not be affected.

(2) Courts and administrative authorities shall be required to provide legal and administrative assistance.

(3) The decisions of committees of inquiry shall not be subject to judicial review. The courts shall be free to evaluate and rule upon the facts that were the subject of the investigation.

Art. 9 | Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence

(0) The Bundestag shall appoint a Committee on Foreign Affairs and a Defence Committee.

(1) The Defence Committee shall also have the powers of a committee of inquiry. On the motion of one quarter of its members it shall have the duty to make a specific matter the subject of inquiry.

(2) Art. 8.0 of this Imperial Act shall not apply to defence matters.

Art. 10 | Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces

A Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces shall be appointed to safeguard basic rights and to assist the ALQ in exercising parliamentary oversight. Details may be regulated by an imperial law.

Art. 11 | Parliamentary Oversight Panel

(0) The ALQ shall appoint a panel to oversee the intelligence activities of the Empire. (1) Details may be regulated by an imperial law.

Art. 12 | Immunities of Members

(0) At no time may a Member be subjected to court proceedings or disciplinary action or otherwise called to account outside the ALQ for a vote cast or a remark made by him in the ALQ or in any of its committees. This provision shall not apply to defamatory insults. (1) A Member may not be called to account or arrested for a punishable offence without permission of the ALQ unless he is apprehended while committing the offence or in the course of the following day. (2) The permission of the ALQ shall also be required for any other restriction of a Member’s freedom of the person. (3) Any criminal proceedings and any detention or other restriction of the freedom of his person shall be suspended at the demand of the ALQ.

Art. 13 | Right of Refusal to Give Evidence

Members may refuse to give evidence concerning persons who have confided information to them in their capacity as Members of the ALQ or to whom they have confided information in this capacity and to give evidence concerning this information itself. To the extent that this right of refusal to give evidence applies, no seizure of documents shall be permissible.

Art. 14 | Candidature, Protection of Membership and Remuneration

(0) Every candidate for election to the ALQ shall be entitled to the leave necessary for his election campaign. (1) No one may be prevented from accepting or exercising the office of Member of the ALQ. No one may be given notice of dismissal or discharged from employment on this ground. (2) Members shall be entitled to remuneration adequate to ensure their independence. They shall be entitled to the free use of all publicly owned means of transport. Details may be regulated by an imperial law.

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